Learning from the sea

The majesty of the sea inspires us humans to gaze in awe at the beauty that surrounds us and to respect eternity. It shows us how small we are yet instils self-confidence. The sea is a great teacher, for individuals and businesses alike.

The sea won’t be rushed. It demands patience, which generates experience. We at TUTEKA have embraced this truth, which shipbuilders have known for millennia. Competence arises from experience being combined with the desire to do things well – even the smallest things.

The sea teaches us to collaborate. To respect one another and to listen. To be uncompromising when it comes to exceeding ourselves.
The maritime industry plays a central role in TUTEKA’s operations. As a shipbuilders’ subcontractor we manufacture various items, especially fixed and free-standing furnishings for cabins, restaurants, stairwells and other public spaces on ships. Our strengths lie in jobs demanding great expertise and challenging executions that require in-depth experience. You’ll find us a reliable partner for small serial items and large-scale projects alike.
We possess solid design expertise and use the best available software in our work. We work closely with the client at the production design stage, and we can provide all the necessary drawings upon request, including visualisations.

The results of our work can be seen on luxury cruise liners sailing all over the world and on beautiful ships traversing the Baltic Sea – wherever there is shiny steel, polished brass or glimmering glass. We are a trusted partner for Finnish and international shipyards and shipping companies.

With a history of nearly 70 years as a family business, we foster the company’s original values.

Watch presentation Video of TuTeKa's references from Mein Schiff 3 ship